Rosition Scope of exhibits

Scope of exhibits

Doors and windows exhibition: system doors and windows and aluminum profiles, smart doors and windows, indoor and outdoor doors, intelligent shade and guardrails, Curtain wall and glue, building decoration doors and windows hardware and accessories,etc.

Customized Home exhibition: Custom Home, Matching Materials,carpentry machinery,glass machinery,carpentry supporting class

Building New Materials exhibition: wall insulation systems and materials, interior wall insulation decoration materials, architectural coatings and industrial flooring

Assembled Building/Garden exhibition:Integrated Housing Systems, Assembly Architecture,Landscape Gardening and Villa Support Products

Smart Home / Bathroom exhibition:Smart Lock, Clothes Drying System, Smart Bathroom, Smart Ecosystem,,Bathroom ware and accessories,,Smart Building

Lighting Exhibition: Interior Lighting(decorative lighting, lamps),architectural commercial lighting, LED lighting,Lighting and accessories,,Lighting technology/Design/Service

Wall/Ceiling/Floor Material/Soft Decoration exhibition :Coating Custom, Top Wall Integrated Custom, Soft Custom, Wallpaper ,decorative wallmaterials,window finish product line, integrated ceiling system, ceiling ceiling

HVAC/Water Purification exhibition: HVAC product technology, smart comfortable home products technology, intelligent controlclass, Self-control equipment and pump valve tube and other accessories

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