Rosition The exhibition focuses on

Day 2 | 2019 Chengdu Jianbo Will Shine, You Can't Miss

19th Chengdu China Building and Decoration Materials Exposition

April 17-19

Western China International Expo Center

The last day of tomorrow.

Day 2 | 2019 Chengdu Jianbo Will Shine, You Cant Miss(圖1)

2019 19th Chengdu China Building and Decoration Materials Exposition, which is expected to be expected by all, is the second wave of exhibition boom today. The heat on the scene is not reduced, the crowd is still in the early morning, a large number of high-quality spectators flocked to enter. Chengdu Jianbo will continue to create a high-quality platform for trade and cooperation for exhibitors and major visitors.Follow the small editor to feel the atmosphere of the scene!

第二天 | 2019成都建博會耀世來襲,你不容錯過的精彩(圖2)

第二天 | 2019成都建博會耀世來襲,你不容錯過的精彩(圖3)

第二天 | 2019成都建博會耀世來襲,你不容錯過的精彩(圖4)

第二天 | 2019成都建博會耀世來襲,你不容錯過的精彩(圖5)

第二天 | 2019成都建博會耀世來襲,你不容錯過的精彩(圖6)

第二天 | 2019成都建博會耀世來襲,你不容錯過的精彩(圖7)

第二天 | 2019成都建博會耀世來襲,你不容錯過的精彩(圖8)

第二天 | 2019成都建博會耀世來襲,你不容錯過的精彩(圖9)

第二天 | 2019成都建博會耀世來襲,你不容錯過的精彩(圖10)

A number of industry events to help you catch the pulse of the market

From the first day of development, the industry summit forum, award ceremony, work display, seminars, salons, new product launches and many other exciting activities have been opened. Event scene, industry experts' wonderful speech attracted a large number of spectators to stop to listen, from all walks of life leading guests of professional speech also brought the participants a new point of view.There are dry goods on the field, which is overwhelming.

第二天 | 2019成都建博會耀世來襲,你不容錯過的精彩(圖11)

第二天 | 2019成都建博會耀世來襲,你不容錯過的精彩(圖12)

第二天 | 2019成都建博會耀世來襲,你不容錯過的精彩(圖13)

第二天 | 2019成都建博會耀世來襲,你不容錯過的精彩(圖14)

第二天 | 2019成都建博會耀世來襲,你不容錯過的精彩(圖15)

第二天 | 2019成都建博會耀世來襲,你不容錯過的精彩(圖16)

第二天 | 2019成都建博會耀世來襲,你不容錯過的精彩(圖17)

第二天 | 2019成都建博會耀世來襲,你不容錯過的精彩(圖18)

These are the tip of the iceberg of activity, covering all categories, the development of the diffraction industry trend.

Industry flagship exhibition, all over the group meet

Throughout the list of visitors, Mianyang, Deyang, Meishan, Luzhou, Guangyuan, Neijiang, Nancheng, Dazhou and other more than 150 local building materials market professional tour group to visit, in addition, there are more than 70 trade associations / Chamber of Commerce organization member units to visit the site. Any hard work can not resist the enthusiasm of the visitors. In addition to being able to communicate market trends and build relationships with many industries, you can also select satisfactory products/brands in the process of visiting the exhibition, and then collaborate with exhibitors on the next step.It is enough to see the important position of Chengdu Jianbo in the visit itinerary.

第二天 | 2019成都建博會耀世來襲,你不容錯過的精彩(圖19)

第二天 | 2019成都建博會耀世來襲,你不容錯過的精彩(圖20)

第二天 | 2019成都建博會耀世來襲,你不容錯過的精彩(圖21)

第二天 | 2019成都建博會耀世來襲,你不容錯過的精彩(圖22)

第二天 | 2019成都建博會耀世來襲,你不容錯過的精彩(圖23)

第二天 | 2019成都建博會耀世來襲,你不容錯過的精彩(圖24)

第二天 | 2019成都建博會耀世來襲,你不容錯過的精彩(圖25)

第二天 | 2019成都建博會耀世來襲,你不容錯過的精彩(圖26)

Precision trade pairing, live harvest full

In order to improve the efficiency of ON-site procurement and negotiation of VIP core buyers, this year the organizers set up a special "VIP business matching service", pre-exhibition priority access to exhibition materials, with private business exchange area, private customer service to follow up procurement needs and other services.On-site matching quality suppliers for VIP buyers with large purchase needs.

第二天 | 2019成都建博會耀世來襲,你不容錯過的精彩(圖27)

第二天 | 2019成都建博會耀世來襲,你不容錯過的精彩(圖28)

第二天 | 2019成都建博會耀世來襲,你不容錯過的精彩(圖29)

第二天 | 2019成都建博會耀世來襲,你不容錯過的精彩(圖30)

Day 2 | 2019 Chengdu Jianbo Will Shine, You Cant Miss(圖31)

If you haven't been to the show yet,

Then you're really missing out on a whole year of opportunity.
Looking forward to meeting you tomorrow in Sibo City,
Grab the tail of the show, gain insight into industry trends, and win more business opportunities.

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